A lounge - open fire, TV set, DVD Player and Playstation 2.

An IKEA mini-kitchen - fridge, cooker, micro-wave and a 12 seats oak table.

A loggia - 2 single beds.
Room A - 2 single beds.
A shower and a toilet.

Room B - 2 single beds.
A shower and a toilet.



DATAS, dates

Melhor na Primavera e no Outono.
Muito quente no Verão.
Sempre no Inverno.
Venham sempre!!

We are prepared to exchange our house anytime during the year, because there is a main house, not so charming as Casa da Latoeira, were we live part of the year. Casa da Latoeira was rebuilt for ours friends and family and we gave up of the initial idea that the rebuilding was also for touristic proposals. It's a kind of a second house, something like what the Spanish call 'Casa de Invitados', but were we also live, especially in winter time. So, you can come when you desire!

For the house exchange, we prefer all the dates around school holidays, especially August. In 2007, we are considering a journey to England (mainly North Country or Heart of England), Scotland and Wales, between 14th and 28th, together with our cousins living near the sea, in Aveiro, expecting for a house with 8 beds. There is also the possibility that you can spend two weeks in Portugal, one in Casa da Latoeira and another in our cousins house in Aveiro, a town near a very good seaside resort (Costa Nova).


The location

A rural location in the centre/north of Portugal, between 3 mayor cities - Coimbra, Viseu and Guarda. It's also a good location for mountain activities, once it's surronded by mountais, one of it the biggest mountain in the country, Serra da Estrela.

The nearest motorways are A1 (Lisboa-Porto) A24 (Viseu-Port/Douro Vineyards) and A25 (Aveiro-Spain), 30 minutes drive away using IP3 (dual carriageway 'A' road Figueira da Foz-Viseu). Lisboa is 3 hours drive away and Porto 1h30m.

There are several restaurants in the neighbourhood, with traditional food. You can have fresh bread in the morning, when the baker knocks at your door, or you can cook it by yourself with the bread-machine in the house!

It's a granitic region, so you can visit castles and historic towns and villages granitic made, such us Almeida, Celorico, Linhares, Viseu, and so on.

There is a golf course, 30 minutes drive away (IP3, Viseu) and 2 SPA centres, 15 minutes drive away (Caldas das Felgueiras and Caldas de Sangemil).

Enjoy yourself this magnificient location.